Portable BBQ - Camping Product of the Year!!

A Must for your emergency kit.


Ideal for home or camping use, the U-Bute features auto ignition on both burners, a blow moulded carry case, a hotplate, tongs and spatula.

It is light weight and the trivets are dishwasher safe.

The U-Bute is a perfect portable barbeque. Fueled by U-Bute portable butane power cartridges, the U-Bute is energy efficient and the easiest portable barbeque to take with you anywhere you like.

From your balcony or boat, to worksites, horse trucks or camping trips, the U-Bute portable bbq is a must for the avid traveller who likes cooking on the go.

Cook wherever you like as the U-Bute traveller takes up minimal space and is mess and fuss free!


 Portable bbqs



Portable bbq